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Mahalakshmi Sarees Mulund

New Mahalakhsmi Stores is Mumbai's first Kanchipuram Saree Stores it was established in 1934. Since years we have catered to not only our South Indian customers but customers from all communities. Our efforts have been appreciated and we have always strived to bring the best designs, collections and concepts in sarees to our Mumbai based clients. Our Founder Mr. Madari Subbarayan Chettiar is a man with a vision who belonged to the saree weaving community of Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu. A gentle, polite person who was considered to be a great innovator and thinker. He always demonstrated character in the toughest of situations like the one during the World War in the 1930’s where he had to make some difficult business decisions. Kanchipuram is the place where it all started in 1915 for New Mahalakshmi Stores. This city is well known for its hand woven silk sarees. Since we started manufacturing our own saris we were getting a very good response as there were very few businesses into silk weaving and handloom industries which were manufacturing Kanchipuram Saris. Pure Mulberry Silk and Gold threads are used to weave Kanchipuram Saris, it is mostly worn during festivals and occasions. Over the years we received a very good response and our business started growing rapidly. By 1920, we decided to expand and started selling in nearby cities. He opened a sari shop with an associate at Pondy Bazaar in T Nagar, which is today considered as biggest shopping district in India. This place is still famous for it’s saree and gold retailers. He was a man with an extra ordinary vision This turned out to be a very successful venture for us. We received a lot of appreciation and a great response from customers not only from the local area but also from businessmen and women, tourists from other states and countries like Burma (Myanmar), Malaysia, Singapore etc. Later, he decided to grow the business and sell our products internationally and as expected we did very well and the response was amazing. This gave everyone associated with us the confidence to travel to other countries and at the same time the shop at Pondy Bazaar was performing extremely well. It was during the World War in the 1930’s the international atmosphere started changing and for businesses it was getting very difficult. One can also call it destiny or God’s will or A blessing in disguise! Mr. Madari Subbarayan Chettiar along with his associated got stuck in Burma and it seemed extremely difficult or impossible to reach Madras as the International Scenario had changed completely. The only option left with him was come to Bombay and then decide the future course. This is where the journey and we would say our association with Mumbai started as they decided to stay in Matunga till the scenario changes. Those days there were many families from South Indian States in Matunga and it was known as Small Madras or Mini Madras. He had many unsold boxes of sarees which we had taken to Burma. After the situation improved a little bit. He decided to sell his products to the local people. His products were receiving appreciation all over the world. It was completely unexpected the overwhelming response that was received by South Indian customers of Mumbai. This response changed the complete course of the business and for the next few years Mr. Madari Subbarayan Chettiar kept coming back to Mumbai and each time the response and appreciation for the products kept growing. In the year 1934, he decided to buy a shop in the Bhiwandiwala Building near Matunga Central Station. Generation’s have loved our products, it has been a privilege to serve them from this showroom. Mr. Sadasivam Chettiar started taking over the business reigns in Madras and Mr. Madari Subbarayan Chettiar was growing the business in Mumbai. Later the business was managed by Mr. S. S. Krishnamoorthy, the Grandson of Mr. Subbarayan Chettiar. In the year 1960 we decided to open up a branch at Mylapore and at Usman Road, T.Nagar in the year 1963. In 1982 Mr. K. Palani, son of Mr. S.S.Krishnamoorthy joined the business and started managing the business in Mumbai. In the year 1995 Mr. K. Senthilraj the younger son of Mr. S.S. Krishnamurthy joined the business. The business is now being looked after by 5th generation of the family. In the year 1998, we decided to start exhibition cum sale in the period before Diwali at Ahobila Mutt Hall in Chembur, Mumbai. This initiative was taken to expand the business and to reach out to more customers. Over the years the response has grown and the word of mouth has been very positive. We were getting a constant feedback to open a new showroom Near Thane, So finally in the year 2015 we decided to open the new showroom at Mulund West. Today in Mumbai we have 2 showrooms one in Matunga Central and the other in Mulund West. Mahalakshmi Sarees promises to strive to fulfill your every expectation with satisfaction and excellence. Making every occasion colorful.

Please keep +91 before the number when you dial.
  • Shop No 1& 2, Ram Niwas, R.R.T.Road, Mulund (West), Mumbai 400080,
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